I am trained via Trauma Sensitive Yoga Australia and in the style of Embodied Flow™ both group and individual yoga practices are offered.

Generally, the benefits of my yoga practices can include;

  • Healing and empowerment

  • Reduction of physical tension

  • Clarity and calmness of mind

  • Re-connection of mind and body into wholeness

Mindful Flow

Mindful Flow Yoga (inspired by Embodied Flow™) encourages the person to be their own greatest teacher by facilitating greater mind-body integration. This form of yoga promotes strength and ease, connectivity and expansion of both your physical and mental health via movement and meditation practices. Some yoga experience can be helpful for this practice but is not essential.

Location: South Sydney Psychology and Trauma Recovery Service, Sutherland NSW

Mondays 630pm -730pm

Investment: $77 for 4 weeks* or $25 casual class (please be aware that preference goes to those who have paid for the class packages)

*The class packages expire at the end of each NSW school term.

Location: Inspired, Wild & Free (Level 1/335 Rocky Point Road, Sans Souci NSW

Friday 615am - 715am

Head to to reserve your spot


Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TSY)

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Traumatic events (whether physical or emotional) often leave a person feeling scared, numb, confused, unsafe and/or distressed. Perhaps you don't even connect with the word "trauma" and instead simply feel highly agitated, on the go, overwhelmed, stressed or - at the other end - disconnected, numbed or zoned out from others, the world and most importantly, YOU! With a focus on the mind-body connection, no affiliation to religion and a focus on the individual experience, this is an opportunity to move towards comfort and find safety within your own body. This 8 week course will be a gentle practice focusing on your own Nervous System and encouraging curiosity to find what feels comfortable for your body. No touching/hands-on assisting and no previous Yoga experience necessary.

Location: South Sydney Psychology and Trauma Recovery Service, Sutherland NSW

Date: Next course begins Saturday 3rd August 2019

Time: Saturday 930am - 1030am

Investment: $340 *

*You may be eligible for a Medicare rebate ($21,65 per class) under a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP meaning your out of pocket expense for each class is $20.

Individual Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Individual Trauma Sensitive Yoga provides the space for you and I to find out how Trauma Sensitive Yoga could best support you without the pressure you may feel in a group environment. If you want to focus on yoga for anxiety, stress, low mood, lack of motivation (the list goes on!) then these packages could be a great fit for YOU.

Location: South Sydney Psychology and Trauma Recovery Service, Sutherland NSW

Time: To be decided between you and me!